5 reasons why your business need to be in online business directories

1 August 2020


In this hyper-connected era of internet and global digitization, the whole world has been turned into a global village. Hence, getting your business listed on online directories have become way more important than it ever was. Both businesses and buyers are increasingly hopping on to the fast-paced engine of Google, the browsing mammoth. The era of scouring through the pages of Arizona Thrive Initiative and other such trade journals are on the brink of extinction. Hence, most businesses, whether global or local, super- niche or generalized are choosing to go down the route of listing themselves online, to maintain their competitive edge. And what better way, than to have their business listed on several, industry /niche specific business directories., which enhance their chances of being noticed several folds, as visibility is crucial. This again would account for more translation in terms of business.

The important advances of being listed on online directories are:

1.INCREASED  VISIBILITY: These days, prospective clients consult these online directories as they are more convenient and easy.  So, it would ramp up their chance of discovering your business and hence a win-win situation.

2. ESTABLISH AND STRENGTHEN YOUR BRAND VALUE: More discoverable your business becomes, more business you get. These online directories are seen as reliable sources used by prospective buyers and if you manage to garner positive reviews of appreciation left behind by previously satisfied clients and are shown on these platforms, it further strengthens your brand value, establishing you as a trustworthy provider in your space.

3. IMPROVE MOBILE OPTIMISATION:  These sites are usually optimized for smartphones since most people use smartphones these days. Increasing your visibility to these customers translates into more successful business conversion.

4. IMPROVE YOUR SEO: They provide backlinks to the business websites and also generate Google listings that appear on the search engine result pages for your particular company name, acting as a conduit to your customer.


5. IMPROVE LOCAL/NICHE VISIBILITY:  There are local / niche-specific directories, that help gear your business towards the niche customer /customers back home. It increases your reach and penetrability to a particular geographical area target a particular demographic, helping in better customer optimization, helping to bring your target clients closer to you. It demolishes that barrier that otherwise would have separated your business from reaching your target audience and would cause an impediment in your path of success.


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